As an embryo, PT ulan buana engineering is a community of amateur engineers who have the same vision and mission that complement each other in the field engineering design and detail engineering.

In the development the group is required to have a legal entity whose responsible for the activities, and they establish CV Ulan Buana Engineering in September 2008. In 2010 CV Ulan Buana Engineering improved the status to PT ulan buana engineering with the inauguration of notary Linda Sahono, SH in gresik, and legalized by the minister of law and human rights of the republic of Indonesia with no AHU-06826.AH.01

I the Inauguration PT Ulan Buana Engineering addressed at Jl. Samarinda I No.69 GKB Gresik, but in the official activities PT. Ulan Buana Engineering located on Jl. Demak No. 12 GKB Gresik 61151.


Supported by experts who have experience in their field of mechanical, civil, and electrical pt ulan buana engineering has done various of work related to the field of engineering, which ultimately focus on the Material handling system and Liquid Storage System.

The activities include basic concepts engineering, detailed engineering design and purchase and fabrication drawing.


In order to support engineering activities in handling a work, they supported with a variety of tools that can improve the performance of engineering, good precision work, and speed of work.

All engineering activities are computerize, both in visual graphic and analysis-based.

In addition, there is also developed a practical aids program that made based on experience during engineering work.


In order to meet the requirements in accepted engineering processes and can be implemented in various places, the engineers apply various international standards such as: API, ANSI, CEMA, JIS, ASME, DIN, FEM, ASTM, ISO, etc.